Clare was winner of the 1996 Sunday Times Screenwriting Competition.


Love Times Two

TV series.

Suzanne is speeding towards 50 when she falls in love with a man who isn’t her husband, and embarks on a passionate affair – conducted entirely inside her head.

6 x 60 minute TV series developed with NoHo Films (unproduced).


Tess Maguire

A three-part original drama for TV.

The worst thing that could have happened has happened to police officer Tess Maguire. A child was murdered and Tess fears that the wrong man was convicted. Then the dead girl starts to appear to her. But is Tess just giving in to her own morbid fears? Or is there really an injustice to put right?

Developed with Gordon Kennedy at Absolutely Productions


The Container

A feature film version of the award-winning play was commissioned by Breakneck Films in 2015 (unproduced).


Corridors in the Air

Feature film.

Leda is looking for her estranged father in the far north of Finland. She finds Timo, who explains how to search for missing people in the Arctic: you follow the corridor their warm body has made in the frozen air until it stops, and then you start digging in the snow.

Winner of the 1996 Sunday Times Screenwriting Competition. Developed by Zephyr Films (unproduced).